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The core of the MBBR technology are the biofilm carriers. They are designed to provide a large protected surface area for the biofilm and optimal conditions for the bacteria culturea when the carriers are suspended in water. Small Boss has developed several types of carriers with different shape, size and surface area. This gives us the flexibility to use the best suitable carrier depending on wastewater characteristics, pretreatment, discharge standards and available volume.. Currently we have ten different types of carriers
MBBR biofilter media is a new high-tech patented product with a new type of microbes as carrier. According to the different kinds of sewage, Using scientific formula, it is formed from polymer material modification and restructuring through special process, which has same advantages of large specific surface, good hydrophilic property, strong impact resistance, easy forming membrane, high biological activity and excellent treatment effect etc.
Small Boss MBBR filter media is a novel biologically active carrier,it adopts scientific formula,depending on the nature of water,blending a variety of beneficial microganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials,through a special process modification, constructed, with more than large surface area, hydrophilic, high biological fast, good effect, good impact resistance.